Oliasoft has great faith in the drilling engineers of tomorrow

That is why we offer access to our software to students and universities

Testemonial_Workflow that is easy to follow

Practical experience with relevant working tools is advantageous

Oliasoft WellDesign gives you a good understanding of well construction and the opportunity to train and develop your well planning skills.

  • The low threshold to get started
  • An intuitive user interface helps increase competence
  • As a browser-based software, the opportunities for collaboration are well organized
  • Easy access - any time, anywhere - stimulates use, and your skills as a well planner develops faster

Get ahead with your career and become an experienced user of Oliasoft WellDesign

As a student or representative from a university, you can apply for access by filling out the form below

- Universities that want to include Oliasoft WellDesign as part of their curriculum will be given first priority - 

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