OMV Norway takes advantage from a powerful engineering tool

Oliasoft worked with OMV Norway to extend the application of Oliasoft WellDesign as a full-scale well construction tool in an operational environment

OMV Norway

In short 

OMV Norway has been a steady user of Oliasoft WellDesign science 2017, and has through a close development collaboration made a thorough review of all product modules which has led to the point where they now can take advantage from a powerful well planning tool that benefits their engineers in many different ways.


“OMV Norway has been an important partner to Oliasoft and users of Oliasoft WellDesign, and we highly appreciate that OMV believed in our solution from an early stage - something that has helped shape the software into what it is today. The valuable feedback has given us important aspects to learn from",

says Linda Sæther, Senior Director at Oliasoft.


Challenge - How it started

OMV Norway was looking for alternative tools to support and improve their well planning process, to be able to streamline internal procedures, and increase the competence of internal engineers.

Solution - What has been done

In recent years, Oliasoft has worked closely with OMV Norways's users to:

  • In-depth review of all Oliasoft WellDesign modules; Trajectory Design, Casing Design, Tubing Design, Hydraulics and Surge & Swab, Torque & Drag and Blowout and Kill simulations.
  • Provide feedback to refine the applications user interface and improve ease of use to increase the appropriate functionality and workflow. 

A fully integrated well planning tool which includes all statutory calculations provides the engineers with a 360-degree view of the wells, and the opportunity to explore the possibilities better than has been possible in the past.


The intuitive appearance and menu structure of a more modern solution makes it easy to do the first steps and receive first research in a very short time. These reviews provide motivation to dig deeper into technically alternative and see its various outcomes, which in turn gives a better understanding of well designs and the implication of changes.

The working experience of Oliasoft WellDesign encourages our engineers to use the software more often than they would do with traditional well engineering software.