WEBINAR SERIES | Well Completion with Jonathan Bellarby 

Improving casing design with increased control on influencing factors

Wednesday, April 21st CET 10:00 - 11:30 AM

Do you want to increase your in-depth knowledge of casing design and how you can optimize your designs using Oliasoft WellDesign?

In this free Webinar, Jonathan Bellarby will give you an introduction to casing design theory and how you can easily apply it by using Oliasoft WellDesign.

This is the first webinar of a 4-part webinar series with Jonathan Bellarby.

This first webinar will cover the following topics

  • The generic workflow for casing design.
  • Material properties of casing and tubing.
  • Basic data entry into Oliasoft WellDesign.
  • Demonstration of a production casing worked example using Oliasoft WellDesign for a platform well.

By attending the webinar on April 21st, you will learn more about

  • How to start applying the casing design workflow.
  • How to set up the well details such as the deviation, temperatures, cement, fluid details and the tubulars.
  • Learn what data input is critical and why.
  • Real-life example on production casing using Oliasoft WellDesign.

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Jonathan Bellarby

Jonathan Bellarby

Jonathan Bellarby is a Senior Petroleum Engineer with long-standing stress analysis and well design expertise – often for challenging wells such as deepwater, HPHT, or unconventional resources. With 30 years of experience in over 50 countries, Jonathan consults and runs training courses in completion and well design and is the author of the textbook Well Completion Design. Jonathan has been working with Oliasoft to develop the stress engineering capabilities of the software.

Well Completion Design by Jonathan Bellarby

Other webinars in this webinar series with Jonathan Bellarby

Casing Design_May 12th

Wednesday, May 12th | The second webinar will cover the following topics 

  • Quick run-through of setting up a casing design using Oliasoft WellDesign 
  • Introduction to yield, grade and stress theory 
  • Overview axial, burst, collapse and triaxial load cases with entry of standard and customs casing loads 
  • Overview of basic output including stresses and safety factors 
Webinar #3 Improving casing design by integrating torque and drag analysis into the workflow

Wednesday, June 9th | The third webinar will cover the following topics 

  • The generic workflow for torque and drag analysis.
  • Basic theory for torque and drag.
  • Review of the most relevant results from a torque and drag analysis and the influencing factors and which input parameters are critical and why. 
  • Demonstration of how to perform T&D analysis in WellDesign for running a liner in a high angle well. 
Webinar #4_Understand and use temperature simulation for tubing and casing design

Wednesday, June 23rd | The fourth webinar will cover the following topics 

  • Introduction to temperature simulations and the purpose of performing such simulations. 
  • Demonstration of how to set up and perform various temperature simulation operations in WellDesign. 
  • How to set up relevant tubing and casing loads based on these simulations. 
  • Overview of completion design in Oliasoft including packer designs. 

The Oliasoft Casing Design Module

Along with Trajectory, Tubing Design, Drilling Mechanics and Blowout & Kill, Casing Design is an integrated module in the Oliasoft WellDesign package.

The Module offers full triaxial casing design compatible with NORSOK, ISO and API standards. The engine can handle point loads, anisotropy and asymmetry. 

Oliasoft Casing Design has predefined load cases for all authority requirements, as well as generic load cases and options for custom loads. External loads and temperature profiles can be chosen for each load case.

All calculations integrate seamlessly with all other Oliasoft WellDesign modules and any connected third party applications. Adjustments to influential parameters anywhere in the calculation chain trigger automatic recalculation.

Key Features

  • Full triaxial casing design
  • Advanced internal and external pressure profiles
  • Full support for all custom load cases
  • Safety factor for all dimensions
  • Unlimited configuration options for packers and cement
  • Automation through rule-based design

Read more about the Oliasoft WellDesign Casing Design module here

Casing Design